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Where Can You Find The Best MLM Leads?

Now that you have likely joined a network marketing based company, it would be a really good time to get some fresh opportunity seeker leads for your home based business.  Also, if you haven’t yet made a plan to generate new leads regularly, here is a little advice.

First, I recommend you sign up for an MLM leads membership to help jumpstart your team building. Second, begin the process of building your own online lead generator or lead funnel. This way you can have the option of not having to pay for leads sometime in the near future, or keep receiving leads, especially if they are converting really well.

Normally, I usually don’t recommend any MLM leads service. However, you will shortly see why I’ve made a huge exception today. In case your wondering, the reason I haven’t recommended a service in the past is because most MLM leads sellers provide terrible leads.

This Is The Company I Recommend For MLM Leads

I’ll share two very good lead page builder services with you below. However, let me first tell you about a good MLM focused site that also provides leads. I’ve used their service in the recent past with fair to good results. The service comes from MLM Gateway.


mlm gateway

What I immediately noticed that is very different about this site, compared to others, is where the leads are clearly generated. While most MLM leads sellers are only lead providers, MLM Gateway is not. That may sound obvious. However, this is a very important difference which makes one extremely more effective. 

Comparing most MLM lead sellers to MLM Gateway is like night and day.

MLM Gateway is firstly a network marketing / home based business connection site. It’s a site specifically for people looking for information on Network Marketing companies and to promote different opportunities.

In comparison, you won’t know where lead seller sites collect their contacts from. You also cannot know know the mindset of the people on the other end if those leads. Where as with MLM Gateway, you know every person is or was recently in the buyer or information seeking mindset. That makes this site’s audience ideal for selling or recruiting.

You also do not have to put in much effort to get noticed either at MLM Gateway. Because, the promotion of your opportunity starts immediately. Let me explain how the process works so you can be aware of what to expect.

During the registration all new members are immediately invited to create a profile page which asks for the name of the company you want to promote. The profile page becomes publicly accessible to the internet and is one effective way how other members as-well-as how anyone searching the web can find your information.

Regarding the value of the profile page, for example, I did a keyword search online for an mlm company and found an mlmgateway.com profile page of one of their members. Then I clicked on the link which led me to the MLM gateway site, and as a result I registered.

I can verify that the site works to generate traffic and leads from the search engines. The added value of this page is huge. It’s essentially giving you free advertising, which is free money.

announcement page example

Also, when you first login into the site you will arrive at the Dashboard and that is where you can also see who recently has signed up, including the directory list of all members.

mlm gateway dashboard pagecapture

When a member requests information about another member’s company, the associated member is notified that someone is interested getting information from them. To get the requestor’s contact information you must pay for it with points. I’ll let you take a look at the point system.

There is also another feature that lets you to send other members a request to send an introduction about your opportunity, and some other useful features.

Another very good value for joining at least as a free member of MLM Gateway is the opportunity to share your website link and have it promoted by their site. When you submit your website link, this creates a backlink from MLM Gateway to your site, which helps your page to potentially get a higher search engine ranking.

The other bonus feature you can take advantage of is to create a business announcement page for your offer and get that indexed by the search engines for additional traffic too.

You can submit multiple business announcements by the way. You simply fill out the form, submit it and after it gets approved by the staff it is posted online. The following image is again an example of a page from the site that is indexed and can be found through google.

announcement page example

Does MLM Gateway Get Visitor Traffic?

One important fact you should be aware of is the number of visitors MLM Gateway receives per month. Because obviously, it is valuable for you to know if their website receives a good volume of traffic or not, even if the membership is free.

Knowing how much traffic a website gets is important when advertising. After all, why spend time on a site to socialize or advertise if no one visits, right?

According to Similarweb the site has received around 100,000 to 160,000 visitors over the past two months (Today is 11/3/2020), with a visit duration of 4 minutes 25 seconds, which means people are staying on the site and engaging in some form. Also, 54.2% of the visitor audience that visits the site is from the USA and 4.3% from Germany. That information is good to know, especially if you are looking to interact with people from the U.S. or Germany.

mlm gateway visitors chart

MLM Gateway was the first good resource for MLM Leads I wanted to share with you.

However, there is another resource you should seriously try too. By the way, as I mentioned before, I do not normally recommend lead sources unless they actually generate results.


A Quick Note: Before you try advertising with any advertising source, please make sure to have access to the following 3 types of services.

Starting with a link tracking service, you should never send traffic directly to your business page or sales page when advertising. Instead, always send paid advertising traffic to a lead capture page, especially when recruiting or trying to generate leads.

Here are the 3 services you should be using.

1. A Link Tracking Service

Link tracking is one of the most important services you must have. It helps to provide you with reports of how many people visited from specific advertising sources or any source. This can tell you which advertisement was clicked the most. It can tell you how many people visited your page submitted an email address, which you can use as your opt-in ratio.

I’ll give you the links to the link tracking services I have used below.

You can use the tracking reports to help you spot which internet advertising site is providing the most leads and use it to help you tweak (optimize) your ad messages or lead capture page. This includes improving your opening Ad headline and the body of your message.

First you will need to create a campaign with the link tracking service. Give the campaign name a keyword abbreviation so you can easily remember it without having to write out the entire name of the ad source. For example: udim-angs for Udimi Angelo

You next create different tracking links for each ad message and lead capture page, and name them short abbreviated coded name in the the url, these are your tags. For example, the link might be https://linktrackdomain.com/123/?keywordtag You would replace keywordtag with “1save10” for example. This is to remind you that the advertisement posted was Ad #1 and Save 10 was the discount offer. This should match up with the ad message on the advertisement and the information displayed on the lead capture page.

You should also record somewhere which ad message you used with the associated landing page and the tracking link.

For example you can write down something like this:
Ad1-Save10 / Pg1Save10 and Link keyword tag = Save10
Ad1-Save20 / Pg1Save20 and Link keyword tag = Save20
Ad1-Save30 / Pg1Save30 and Link keyword tag = Save30

On the same sheet or a separate spreadsheet record the full Headline and Message body text associated with each tracking link keyword tag. 

You could try creating 3 or more different variations of your lead capture page and see which one gets the most email submissions by using a tracking link for the submission link.

By doing these steps, you should be able to track and improve the following areas to create the best results:

  • The Advertising Company Source
  • Ad Campaign: The Headline and Ad Body
  • Lead Capture Pages

These are the link tracking services that I use and recommend. 

  • Clickmeter – It begins by giving you 25000 events pre month to record for $29. The power of clickmeter is that it can tell the difference between a bot and a real person. Plus it captures the details of the visitor. It also offers pixels aside from tracking links. These can be used to track different funnels that you setup of your visitors. You can do split testing which is handy when testing ads. Plus it gives live reports as traffic comes in.
  • Clickmagic – A starter account gives you 10,000 visits for $29 per month. It also has additional features like click fraud analysis, split testing, etc.

2. A Lead Capture Page (aka squeeze page).

example lead capture page
There are different sites and companies you can use to create lead capture pages. If you have a web hosting account you probably already have the feature to create a WordPress site. WordPress can be used to create lead capture pages. But, it will take multiple steps. If you want a fast and almost ready made option you may want to try the following options:

Groove Funnels – Sign up for free. You will find templates to help you start customizing the look of your lead capture page, plus many other features to improve your overall visitor funnel. 

Builderall – Has lots of ready made templates, features and tools. Once you build a page you will need to store the files into your own webhosting account and ideally under your domain name. 

3. Email Autoresponder

There are plenty of services that sell email autoresponses. However, I can tell you from experience that the majority of them are difficult to learn quickly. Plus, most of them do not allow you to use a single-optin feature, which is extremely important.

This is why I want to recommend to you two of the very best email autoresponder services.

You will need an autoresponder service to capture each visitor’s email address when they submit it through your squeeze page.

The service will then redirect the visitor to the assigned page you want them to see next. At the same time, behind the scenes, the autoresponder system will save the email address for you in a list which you can view, delete or download.

Plus, the autoresponder service can automatically schedule an instant and future email messages to the people who registered through your page.

Those people are considered Subscribers by your email autoresponder service. To you, these are your leads.

These are the services I highly recommend and also use:

  • Aweber – They offer a free trial at times or have a low $1 trial period.
  • Convertkit – Free to register and begin using.

With either service it will be better for you to visit the site and follow their instructions for creating an email form and email subscriber list. You can create multiple lists with both.

Remember to use a pixel from the tracking service when using a lead capture page and paid advertising. The pixel will help you track where your visitors went from and help identify how many successful leads you generated, then match those results shown by the email autoresponder service to verify.

The other place where you should try getting MLM leads or business opportunity contacts is UDIMI.

Udimi sells opportunity seeker leads via email advertising. You will notice soon after entering the site that they sell through an internal market of different lead sellers.


What sellers do for you is email a list of their subscribers a message with only your advertisement. Their subscribers are usually made up of people looking for ways to make money and have agreed to accept email from these people. These email ads are called Solo Ads.

solo ad sellers list

Solo Ad Sellers

These lead sellers sell based on guaranteed clicks. Plus, the audience they send your message to is either an exact match or ideal match. That is why the prices they charge per click can be as much as $0.89 per click. To see the best results, by the way, will need to spend about $400 or so per campaign.

In addition, pay special attention to the $ __% conversion ratio number displayed to the right of each seller. That number indicates the number of leads generated out of 100 emails sent. Therefore, you ideally will want to use a seller with a higher ratio. And take a look at their ratings number.

From experience, I must warn you, do not go for the cheapest clicks. Because, what you will end up likely doing is getting poor conversions to your lead gen page/opt-in page. As a result, you may become disappointed with a cheap priced seller and want nothing to do with solo ads ever again. I know paying $0.89 cents and even $0.30 per click is pricey. However, you are more likely to get better results from higher priced solo ads.

Now, here is how you should really plan out your solo ad campaign.

First, write out your campaign message and get it ready to submit. Also, write up 3 or 4 auto-response emails you will want sent out over the next following days, after the visitor first submits their email address. These will be your follow up email series messages.

However, before you do the first Solo Ad, use my advice to test your ad messages first. Continue reading.

  • A. Write your email ad headline
  • B. Write the body of your email ad message. Plus, include the link or button to an email subscription form.

    Your ad campaign should ask the reader to enter their email address in exchange for your valuable information, which might be some type of gift, like a free ebook, tips, coupon, spreadsheet, formula, list, video, webinar, etc.

    Tips: Do not
     try to sell the reader on your product or service first, and do not send the reader directly to your offer. When advertising biz-ops especially, always send visitors to an email opt-in page (aka squeeze page) first. 
    I recommend using a single opt-in email strategy instead of a double opt-in. Don’t know what single opt-in means? No problem.

The Definition of The Single Opt-In vs Double Opt-In Email Autoresponder

The single opt-in process means that when the page visitor enters their email address into to the email form field, they are automatically assigned as a subscriber to an email list (by the autoresponder service) and also redirected to whatever page you want them to see next. There is only one step they need to do. This is why it’s referred to a single opt-in. (The “option” to allow or get “in”)

This email single or double opt-in autoresponder feature is selected by you, within each autoresponder campaign you create, to ignore requiring a person to click on an email acceptance approval link. The default selection is double opt-in and normally would be the process for all new email submissions. By the way, most email autoresponders do not have nor allow double opt-in.

The double opt-in process requires the visitor to do two steps, the first is to submit their email address (Step 1) and then go to their email messages, find the email which includes an approval link and click on it (Step 2). Personally, I count four steps.

Statistically, it’s been proven that using an email autoresponder with a single opt-in option increases the chances website visitors will see your desired web page and result in the desired outcome.

However, there is also a higher chance you will receive bogus email addresses within your subscriber list. As for me, I don’t mind a few bogus emails. I prefer using single opt-in since it guarantees getting the reader to the information I need them to see fast.

In the end, it’s your choice. If you don’t have an email autoresponder service yet I recommend using either of these services.


Both of these are the most reliable and easiest services to setup. I’ve tried many over the years and most others are a headache to setup.

Next: BEFORE you hire anyone from UDIMI to send out a solo ad, you will want to test your email campaigns out first. The reason for testing first is so you can identify your best advertisement for the lowest cost.

You will also be able to tweak your ad campaigns while spending the least money, as compared to testing on a higher priced solo ad.

By the way, your best ad campaign will be the one that generates the most email subscribers first. Once you tweak your ad to accomplish that goal, next tweak it to get the best sales or best leads.

Below is a list of sites where you can send out email ad campaigns. These are also good places to generate leads overall.

EMAIL ADVERTISING SOURCES: Places To Test Your Email Ad Campaigns / Solo Ads

Each of the following email advertising websites I will share with you below is designed for people who want to receive email messages (advertisements) with offers on how to make money online, home based business opportunities or related information.

Members of these advertising sites can also send out email ads as well to all of their members. The cost to send out emails ranges from free to paid and these are generally low priced places to advertise. Many of these sites give you an option to earn free points by viewing ads or viewing web pages, aka surfing websites, which can be used to pay for advertising. 

Advice: The following is extremely important. Because, once you register with these ad sites, you will soon receive a lot of email every day from them. That is why you need create a filter with your email system to automatically place all new incoming emails into special folders for you.

I recommend you do this: Either before or soon after registering with these sites, create ONE subfolder within your email account and name it Email Ads.

After you register with each site below and receive the first confirmation or one of the first emails from the site, next create a Sub-Folder and name it based on the website. 

For example: Email Ads > 10xmailer

Next, open an email and click on your link to create an email filter. Because I do not know which email service you use, you will need to read your providers instructions to get this done. However, it’s usually very simple to do.

Okay, so far you know these steps:

  • #1: Create and name a folder and subfolder
  • #2: Create filters for each site’s email (not each email, each website or domain). You usually only need one filter to handle all the emails from on site. The goal again is to automatically place all emails from each website into separate folders for easy access.

Once you understand these steps go ahead and visit each site below and sign up. Once you have signed up, you can then use each site to send email ad campaigns. 

Be sure to use the link tracking urls and not direct links to your lead generation pages.



10xmailer – Free to join. This site is strictly a solo email marketing service. You can either pay to send email ads or read email ad campaigns to earn ad credits. It’s a great place to test your email ads to a large audience as readers will open your messages from their personal email box. Free membership allows you to send solo ads every 3 days.

If you upgrade from the free membership currently you get upgraded for 90 days, send 10 solo ads to 40,000 members for $18. You also get 1,000 email credits per day and are able to mail every day, instead of every 3 days like free members. You also get double credits when you click on links in the solo ads sent to you. Plus a couple other benefits. Oh and you get a 10% guaranteed click through on all your emails.

Herculist – *Free to register. Provides solo ads starting from $5.95 per 13,200 emails sent.

Advertising Options: Allows you to either buy or surf for advertising credits. Credits can be used to show your page to page surfers, display your banner ads, display as a popup your page to each member when they land on the primary dashboard page, and other ad options. Herculist.com has been selling ads online since 2001.

Million Leads For Free – Free to register. Provides solo ads starting from $30 per 5000 emails sent.

Advertising Options: Allows you to either buy or surf for advertising credits. Credits can be used to show your page to page surfers, display your banner ads, display your page to each member when they open their computer browser, and other ad options. Millionleadsforfree.com has been selling ads online since 2008.

Traffic G – Claims to have around 13000 members per day surfing for ad credits. 600,000 total members. Traffic G has been selling advertising online since 2001.

Advertising Options: Purchase web page views done by other members who are surfing for ad credits, you can purchase ad credits, buy ads on browser opens by other members, buy banner ads, earn credits by clicking on member banner ads.


That’s it for now. I hope this helps you generate MLM leads or business opportunity seeker leads. Please let me know what you think?

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