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What is Forsage ? My Review

Forsage is exactly as it describes itself on it’s website “, a payment gateway that facilitates peer-to-peer commission payments between it’s payments.” In other words, it’s an online system that helps to transfer commission payments between members of the site. The commission payments are transferred by using the cryptocurrency Ethereum, and the commissions are earned by referring other members and pay a 100% commission.

How commissions are distributed is handled through their two matrix programs. One matrix distributes to 3 members positions, the other matrix distributes to 2 member positions (also called a binary).  Essentially, payments between members is a cash gifting relationship where members are simply joining using another member’s link initially and then sending money.

The Risk Of Joining Forsage

The site claims there is zero risk. However, once crypto currency is transferred from one account to the other your money is gone. So, you better be sure that you want to join this matrix and participate to refer other members. Because, you will not get a refund.

There is also a cost to join Forsage too. Although it is not directly mentioned, in order to participate you must open an Ethereum wallet with their designated crypto wallet called, and there are transfer fees associated with moving your money into the Forsage platform. The total cost to join Forsage is a little over 0.05 ETH (Ethereum). The amount over 0.05 is pocketed by metamask.

As I see it, the first organization making a profit from the Forsage matrix system is the crypto wallet business. They are the middle man in charge of moving money.

How Much Money Can You Earn With Forsage?

The site provides a simple example of earnings made by 3 members.  One “Partner” earns $747,990 by having built a team of 962 Partners. Then there is another Partner / Member who earns $142013 with only having 10 partner members. They explain that the difference in earnings is based upon the activity of the partners and not because of the number of partners.

After logging into the member’s dashboard of the website and looking at the conversations, I can tell you that how one member earns more than another is based on the amount of money each member partner chooses to put into the matrix.  Because inside of the system are positions which can be purchased.  Also, to fill the matrix all 12 levels and positions must be filled.

forsage dashboard

How you fill the levels and positions, aside from you referring others or buying positions is where it gets kind of complicated for me and you will probably want to watch the videos. However, it becomes a platform very similar to the game of monopoly.  You are provided with a screen showing all 12 positions on the matrix board, and you are presented with the option to buy those positions.

Optionally, when any of the other players / members above you or below you sees a position in your matrix they  have the option to buy your positions. How this benefits them another story. As I said, this is where it gets complicated.

The bottom line is, if you want to make money online with Forsage then you must or should refer other members and study the alternative options of buying positions.

By the way, I did join Forsage over six months ago and actually lost my account information due to a computer crash. So, I don’t have a referral link, nor plan on joining back up again.  What attracted me originally was the idea of making money with my Coinbase wallet and investing in Etherium. I thought it was a good enough program, like any other another affiliate program.

My Opinion / Review of Forsage

I know that there are people who continue to make thousands of dollars per week with Forsage. However, because it is a matrix, I’m certain most people are not making a profit immediately as a member. From the very beginning, simply joining Forsage can be complicated because you have to figure out the entire wallet setup system and connect the wallet to Forsage.

When I joined I ran into glitches with the system and it took me a day or two to get the wallet connected. Plus, as a member, once you get into the dashboard and see the different boxes which obviously look like something that can be bought, the experience starts to get even more confusing.

There is also no video explanation or tip bars on how to use the dashboard or what to do next. It seems or to be honest, you are left to figure out what to do next once you get inside. The curiosity and excitement of joining dies out at this point.

There is also nothing that shows any interaction or a glimpse into a conversation room with other members. You simply are presented with a comfortable looking futuristic, well designed dashboard with buttons and numbers.

Forsage Groups & Feedback

What are your thoughts on Forsage and crypto currency? Was our experience with promoting Forsage good, better or not so good? Let me know with a comment or join my Forsage Review Talk group on Telegram.

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